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Rainbow Ruleset

"Gently Pushing Over the Forces Of Regulatory Convention"

The Rainbow Ruleset is an attempt to improve Formula 1 by creating a set of regulations that makes more sense than the current ones. A group of interested supporters with F1's best interests at heart are likely to produce a better ruleset. Unfortunately I don't know anyone with enough influence in F1 to get any of these things mandated, but it is important that there is at least one place on the internet where better ideas can be proposed, discussed, rephrased and displayed. That way, if the powers-that-be have the necessary political will, they can implement the better ideas, and that will make us all feel better.


I anticipate that the rules will follow the headings below, but if you have any suggestions for improving the organisation, please sign in and make the modifications:


1. Constitutional Principles Rulebook

The rules that outline where the sport should be going, how the following documents are formatted and miscellaneous rulings.

2. Governance Rulebook


The rules for how the rule-making bodies should be formed, divisions of power, and provisions for accountability towards spectators.

4. Licensing Rulebook


How licenses will be issued and controlled (this includes judicial arrangements).

6. Venue Rulebook


The rules for deciding if a venue is suitable for Formula 1, controls on the format of the calender, contracts for races and facilities the circuit must provide.

7. Commercial Rulebook


The responsibilities and rights of the commercial director, media, sponsors and spectators with regard to financial transactions.

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