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  1. 1. Welcome to the wik

Welcome to the wik

This wik is designed to help people share their random ideas about motor sport with each other. Everyone is welcome to add their ideas into the melting pot. This wik is semi-attached to La Canta Magnifico Blog.


The Rainbow Ruleset - the main focus of the wik. It's an attempt to create a new, improved set of regulations for Formula 1.

Sidepodcast's Corner - the wik section for anyone involved in the Relentless Sidepodcast-Cosworth Pand Racing F1 project, or any other wik-based ideas Sidepodcast come up with.  

The FIA Penalty Tracker - a place which aims to record every penalty the FIA issues and every contentious issue where no penalty is given. The aim is to look for patterns in the stewarding.

Resources - a place to put things like spreadsheets and PDF files to make them easily accessible to others. Includes the Practise-Qualifying-Race Comparitor.

How To Edit The wik - a tutorial for people new to wiks.

Biography - link to my biography at my blog.

Contact / Question Page - stuck? Confused? Use this page to record any questions you have that don't seem to fit elsewhere. A choice of e-mail or a reference-desk style space to write queries and their answers.

Sitemap - to help you find what you're looking for. There's also a search function in the top-right hand corner of the page.



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